Miller on Money

Read Norman the Doorman to learn how to use the Money-Strong Creed to eliminate money stress and financial anxiety

Are you ready for financial freedom?

Follow Bertram as he learns The Money-Strong Creed from an unlikely friend, Norman the Doorman.

From over-spender to super-saver, Bertram shows us how putting The Money-Strong Creed into practice completely changes the course of his life.

This book will teach you how to

  • Ditch debt
  • Save money
  • Plan for your retirement
  • Live a life of freedom

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"This easy to read and delightful fable guides the reader to a safe and secure financial future. The style is neither complicated or preachy and spells out a simple, proven path to achieving financial freedom. Whether you're just getting started in the workforce or trying to become more financially fit, this book is a must read!"
Lauren M. Doliva Ph.D.
Partner Emeritus, Strategic Development, Heidrick & Struggles
"What's missing from our kids' education and absent from most family dinner table discussions is how to successfully confront one of the most important challenges in life; how to become truly financially secure and create a shield from inevitable economic downturns. Dan Miller has written a book that engagingly describes a pathway to wealth and financial security that is guaranteed to work. Unlike other self-help books, Mr. Miller's advice is at once profound, simple to understand and easy to implement. And unlike many other authors, Mr. Miller practices what he preaches. This is required reading."
Curt Berrien
President, Berrien O'Brien Inc
"Wrapped inside an engaging story, this book explains what real wealth and happiness look like. It also lays out a simple, but effective method to building wealth, and reframes the connection between spending money and happiness."
Alan Steremberg
Former Co-Founder/CEO, Weather Underground